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facial hyperhydrosis

I have had this since 14 yrs old now 50 but is getting progressively worse specially during the summer months.i have previously tried clinical strength certain-dri and also Ditropan.very little relief.what I have found from another forum is that a lot of people say that robinul or avert combined with secure wipes are the best combination.for extreme cases.mine is strictly head and face but other areas are fine.
any sugestions?

re: facial hyperhydrosis

Facial hyperhidrosis can happen to women in the age group you are describing. Not knowing your gender limits my answer. In any case facial hyperhidrosis should not be treated with ETS and one should try anticholinergic agents. Reading the rest of your letter tells me if you try those medications and you can try the Robinul, which is another anti cholinergic agent with a different chemical structure from Ditropan. Adding secure wipes on top of that can help. Unfortunately I do not have any better answer for you.

facial hyperhidrosis

my son started having excessive sweating in hi early teens. It seemed to start with his feet. his shoes would be wet. the odor was over whelming. He had constant athletes feet. The dr prescribed hi a roll on type of antiperspirant but it didn't really help much. no antiperspirant really worked for feet or under his arms. Another thing I noticed was his face was always red, like when a person becomes embarrassed and it is a splotchy type of look. mainly on his face his ear get red to. not sure if this has any thing to do with the other but he has a birthmark very large on the back of his neck about the size of a grapefruit I don't mean it sticks out I just mean in a flat dimension it gives n idea of how big the birthmark. the red his face gets reminds me of the birthmark at times.
my son sweats so much when he spend time outside in the heat that he has damaged several cell phones because of the phones getting so wet. He has actually become dehydrated from it and a few times because of it and being out in the heat he has had heat stroke. He has to take in a tremendous amount of fluid if he is out in the heat. He is 22 now and has chosen his career around this issue. He is a butcher and where he works he is constantly in a 30degree to colder environment, and yet he still sweats, but not as bad until he leaves work then it goes its right back to the sweating.
it has really effected him in a negative way, he use to be very out going and now he tends not to be anymore, he stays to himself or with family those that know about his problem.
it seems all 3 of my boys sweat more than my girls. We call the boys radiators, from the time they were all young, heat does seem to radiate from them. they never needed lots of covers while sleeping and to this day no matter the temp outside they sleep in boxers only. I was the only one in my family to have boys in 40+ years so we didn't know much about boys per say.
My oldest son radiates heat but doesn't sweat like my middle son, he radiates so much heat that he just became a father and when he naps with him the baby is in just a diaper because he get a bit to warm if he's in much more. Its a bit of a joke how much heat the boys put off, but my middle son has the excessive sweating the other 2 don't seem to have as bad.
I seem to sweat a lot during my life but I have been a bit over weight through out my life and figured that was why I did. In the 60-70s when I was a kid/teen we had very little to chose from for antiperspirant and I just had to deal with it. no that I am at the cusp of menopause I find having my head soaked when I am outside it seems like I radiate heat.
Is there anything we can do, of course safety is an issue I don't want to put things in his body that could hurt him. I just am wondering if here is something that can help him.
Thank you
A concerned mother

re: Facial Hyperhidrosis

Hello Debra,

The story of your children is somewhat complex and very difficult to answer in a simple way. That being said I will try and give you some initial feedback. If the problem is mainly with head sweating (facial sweating) I do not offer the surgery as a solution. It seems from your letter that your sons have some sort of hyperhidrosis but it is very difficult for me to determine which parts of the body are affected with hyperhidrosis and to what degree.

I believe the best thing for you to do is call my office at (310) 557-3037. And I will be very happy to discuss this with you and have responses to direct questions you have.

Drenching facial & cranial hyperhidrosis

I have had this for years and it has ruined many parts of my life. It takes just a few moments or a minute or two for it to begin. Any situation will bring it on. Sometimes when I am just sitting still. Before long , I am drenched and my hair often gets soaking wet. People stare at me , look at me strangely and some ask me if I am all right.
This is one of the most embarrassing conditions to have - especially for a female. How can you look pretty, feminine and fresh as a daisy when you are soaking wet and your makeup is melting all over your face?
It makes me so sad when I think of all the things that I cannot do or participate in. At my job, stuffing envelopes or photocopying will work up a sweat. I become soaking wet from doing virtually nothing and the worst part is .... I am a front desk receptionist.
The public must LOVE to be greeted by me .
After a lot of research, it looks like I and those like me are doomed to deal with this since there seems to be very little out there which can successfully treat the condition.
Well, thanks for listening. I don't normally whine and don't like to but it is good to share my symptoms with others who understand what I am dealing with.

I have the same problem

Hi, I read your letter and could have written it myself because our sweating is exactly alike! I'm just wondering if you have found anything that helps? I have tried the transderm patch, Paxil and Effexor so far with no luck-the latter 2 just made me sleep like crazy but did nothing to help the sweating. I'm starting Robinul tonight but I'm leery of it as it says it may cause drowsiness.
Please let me know if you have found anything that works! I sympathize with you greatly- the sweating is horrible!

re: I have the same problem

Thank you for the reply Beverly. It seems to be that you are taking different medications for different reasons such as Paxil and Effexor. Those medications are known to cause sweating and very likely will not help you and on the contrary will cause more sweating.

On the other hand trying Robinul and any of the anticholinergic agents may help you out. I do not believe taking them in small dosages will cause you drowsiness. While taking multiple medications you should consult your pharmacist to carefully check for any conflicts of adding any new drugs to the ones you are taking now.

RE: Drenching facial & cranial hyperhidrosis

Thank you for your question. We understand your plight. Just as a matter of interest how old are you? The reason we ask is the fact that most of the female patients our office and ask about facial hyperhidrosis are those generally over 50 years of age and starting to have menopausal symptoms. We have yet to understand the exact mechanism and obviously a clear answer is not yet available. A total medical examination, including laboratory data, should first be done in order to exclude any obvious medically treated problem. If none is found, then a trial of anti cholinergic agents can be tried and if successful then this will be an excellent option. Weight loss, proper diet, maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, etc are essential but not necessarily the solution. I hope this sheds some light on your condition.

please help w/ facial blushing and cranisl hyperhidrosiis

I sm a 64 yo female (retired 30 year paramedic)..I have been off HRTs for approx 5 years. I was in a zumba classes and felt faint, dizziness w/confusion. I immediately contacted my primary physicisn thinking I was hypoglycemic,. Glucose tolerence tests were WNL. I continued having same sx with facial And excessive sweating of head and neck that was dripping copiously on the floor so much causing slippage. I then sought advice from my GYN thinking I was going through the dreaded menopause again ( took me over 20 years on high dosages of HRT for sx to finally go away GYN MD said since I had been off high dose HRTs then it would not be menopausal related. I then asked for thyroid levels to be done. The level were elevated & Dx as hypothyroidism so have been on 50 mcg Levothyroxine x1 year. Sx have increased. I do take SSRIs(Paxil) and have added mini-press low dose for nightmares (I have been dx w/ PTSD with Modetaye Depressive Disorder due to 30 years as Paramefic working in adult/child sexusl assault exams with a physician (then recalled I had been sexually assaulted) snd working with sheriff's/police depts going with an officer & giving loved ones notifications of suicides/homocides & vehicular fatalities.. what can I have done about the night sweats/ head & hair dripping and facial blushing. PLEASE HELP ME! I am so involved at my church and this is not only embarrassing but so debilitating!!! Where in Florida is physician who txs facial hyperhidrosis? I am in Cocos Beach.

thank u, Sandy

re: Please help w/ facial blushing and cranial hyperhidrosis

Dear Sandy,

The clinical manifestations you are describing are very difficult to solve and also to give you an exact reason for what you are going through. Facial blushing and cranial hyperhidrosis are not a good indication of any surgical intervention. Years ago the ETS procedures were offered to patients with this type of clinical presentation but experience, especially for me, demonstrated to me that this was not the right approach. The main reason being that facial blushing and cranial hyperhidrosis at your age group is not fully related to the sympathetic nervous system. There may be some connection but not enough to justify surgery. The amount of side effects that one may develop could be more bothersome than the original problem. For this reason I advise patients against ETS for facial blushing / excessive sweating of the head. This leaves with only conservative treatments with anti cholinergic agents such as ditropan or robinul. You can speak with your doctors about it or contact us about it.

Cranial hyperhydrosis

I have read your entire site, and have not seen a mention of cranial hyperhydrosis. I am a 56 old critical care nurse, and my problem has gotten severe, the back of my head sweats so excessively I keep a hair dryer in my locker. It's so embarrassing it has stopped most of my activities. I have tried Rubinol, on special occasions, and it works sometimes. Any suggestions would be so helpful. Thank you

re: Cranial Hyperhidrosis

The problem with facial hyperhidrosis is well recognized by surgeons who are performing ETS. Years ago we thought that cranial hyperhidrosis would be solved by ETS due to the fact that we recognized that while doing the T2 sympathectomies the area above the nipple line became dryer. This lead us to a recommendation to do ETS for those patients with cranial hyperhidrosis. It did not take me long to realize that cranial hyperhidrosis / facial hyperhidrosis is not a good indication to do ETS. Why? Statistically more patients who underwent ETS for facial hyperhidrosis / cranial hyperhidrosis developed more severe cases of compensatory sweating. That lead me to eliminate facial hyperhidrosis / cranial hyperhidrosis as an indication for ETS. I am fully aware of your problem. I know the difficulties you are going through which happens to a good number of females within your age group. Short of medical therapy that you are following now unfortunately I do not have more appropriate answers to give you. For more information on this subject visit our Facial Blushing page

sweating of the face & head

I'm writing because I have this severe problem..even with the air conditioning on I still sweat when doing things around the house.
I'm in sales and this week had 2 presentations and I was so embarrassed from doing my set-up then talking tomy buyers and sweat was pouring from my face litterally dotting all over my blouse that I had on............I had to keep whiping my face, my hair was all flat & wet as well. I kept appologizing........luckily it was woman and they understood.
I need help as what to do.
If I go outside on a warm or hot day I don't even need to do anything and it pours out................HELP!

Re: sweating of the face & head

Cranio facial hyperhidrosis or sweating of the head and face is another form of focal hyperhidrosis. In the past it used to be an indication for ETS surgery but at present it is performed less due to excessive compensatory sweating. It is worthwhile trying Ditropan which is an anticholinergic agent as a first step in treating this cranio facial hyperhidrosis.

extreme hyperhidrosis

I have it on my face,hands and feet .It is very annoying ..believe me.you just learn to deal with it.It lessens as you get older.

not for me

Ive been on gylcopyrollate for about 12 years for my EXTREME disorder and it's getting worse and worse as I age... Ive just now stumbled upon the upper and bottom lip as bad as my hands and feet dripping... I can't afford surgeries and it's a mental struggle as well as physical..

Excessive Sweating Options

Surgery may be an option for patients who have hyperhidrosis in his hands, feet and face and can no longer tolerate it. For those that can tolerate their hyperhidrosis without surgery, obviously it is a better option. See info on the various treatment options in the left navigation.


how can you and your peers seem to ignore hyperhidrosis of the face??? i would gladly trade my situation w/those concerning feet, armpits and hands anytime!!!



Facial Hyperhidrosis

Indeed Cranio facial hyperhidrosis is a real problem for those affected. Experience has shown that during sympathetcomy for those patients carries a very high percentage of severe compensatory sweating following the procedure. This is the main reason why ETS is not recommended as a treatment modality for those suffering from ONLY facial hyperhidrosis. See a hyperhidrosis specialist or call Dr. Reisfeld for more information on this.

Facial hyperhidrosis

I have this problem too, it interferes so much in my life, making it almost unbearable.