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Axillary Hyperhidrosis Armpit Treatment
Excessive armpit sweating also known as excessive axillary sweating is another part of the focal hyperhidrosis problem. Usually excessive armpit sweating comes together with palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis but also appears as a solitary location for excessive sweating. It affects those patients both on a social and functional level. Exact statistics are not known but it is a well spread problem. Obviously because it is a subjective issue there are different levels of excessive sweating. If a patient describes the sweating as dripping along their upper arms and soaking through their clothing then they can be described as suffering from excessive armpit sweating. Usually this problem starts in the late teens and can represent maturation issues but if it continues through the years it can be considered more of a chronic problem.

Treatment options:
There are multiple and varied groups of antiperspirants available on the market. One can start with over the counter preparations and if those do not help then the next step should be the application of prescribed aluminum chloride lotions. They come in different strengths and in order to get those with 20% and higher there is a need for doctor prescriptions. Those preparations can cause some irritation and burning sensations but they should be tried.

Maxim - is available online and it has a neutral PH which might give a better tolerance to this preparation. Another product that can be obtained online is Sweat Block available at SweatBlock.com. Those antiperspirants are working on the same principal as Drysol. The difference could be in the concentration of the active ingredient which is aluminum chloride.

Botox - If those local antiperspirants do not help then the next option is to try Botox as a temporary but expensive solution. Those injections can help up to 3 - 4 months. Botox is well tolerated and almost painless. If one is looking for partial improvement, especially in the hot summer months then this may be a viable approach. One should keep in mind that the effectiveness of Botox can go down as repeated Botox injections are given. One might experience relief that can last 6 months and the second Botox injections will give between 4-6 months relief. Over time the time relief will be shortened. The reason for this is that our bodies are able to deactivate the active ingredients in the injection faster and hence shorter relief duration.

Surgical Options - Until about 1995 the surgical approach most commonly used was the excisional method. In this operation an elliptical excision of the armpit skin was carried out. A few varieties to this method existed but it was existed but it was associated with a relatively big scar and long healing times. However it never offered a 100% success rate.

Improved Surgical Method:
Since 1995 axillary suction currettage became the procedure of choice for the most effective treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive armpit sweating). In this procedure a mechanical force is applied to the subdermal layers of the skin (underneath the skin of the armpit) destroying as many sweat glands as possible. Other methods did come along such as the application of ultra sound, laser and energy treatments but they have yet to prove their effectiveness. To learn more about the surgical method we recommend you visit Dr. Reisfeld's Armpit Sweating page.

New miraDry Treatment:
For isolated excessive armpit sweating there is a new treatment approach which incorporates heat energy produced by microwaves which in turn destroys the sweat glands located underneath the skin surface. This treatment involves application of heat which is produced by microwaves and applied in steps to the armpit area. The whole procedure is done under local anesthesia and does not involve any surgery. The pain is very well controlled with local anesthetics and any amount of residual pain after the procedure is minimal to moderate and can be managed well with oral pain medications. Some minor swelling and local irritation can be expected for a matter of days not weeks. In some cases the procedure needs to be repeated once after 3-4 months’ time in order to very satisfactory results. The long term benefits of this procedure are not yet established.

Axillary hyperhidrosis is a well-known problem. Treatment options should start with conservative measures going on to surgical interventions. Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS) is not recommended for those patients who are suffering only from excessive armpit sweating. Hyperhidrosis Surgical methods have improved to allow procedures for the different types of focal hyperhidrosis. It is always recommended that you discuss your options with a doctor who performs the procedure.

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I'm 16 and I've had hyperhydrosis since I was 12. . I might've had it before then, but I didn't think it was a problem until I reached middle school. i have a lot of sweat on my hands and feet. but I have no problems with my underarms. my doctor recommended drysol, but 3 months applied day and night didn't work. the next step he said was surgery.. the only concern I have is that I'm wondering, if I cut off the sweat to my hands and feet, will the sweat come out somewhere else? like will I start sweating severely on my back..? or my face? or do the surgeries usually clear everything up..?

re: surgery

Your question is correct. Yes, if you decide to do the ETS procedure then the most common side effect that we know about is compensatory sweating which translates into sweating of other sites of the body such as the abdomen back and thighs. Any patient who has ETS will develop some compensatory sweating but the majority of the patients will get this on a mild to moderate level which is for them better than the sweaty hands. If you tried different conservative measures without any reduction in the level of the palmar sweating then consideration should be given for the surgical procedure. You can call our office for more details (310) 557-3037.

Axillary hyperhidrosis

I'm a 24 year old male, I have been sweating allot since age 16, I tried many things and nothing helped ultil i tried botox. I currently reside in Mexico and i been getting my botox treatment down here, the first aplication lasted for about 8 months, second 6 months, third about the same, the doctor administer 100 units. but i been noticing a decrease in its effectiveness over time. I wanted some advice in the surgical method, which one do you recomend. Also my father works in the US goverment so i have a US insurance, I was wondering if some of these precidures can be covered by insurance companies "In the USA of course"

Sorry for the grammar and thank you in advance :)

re: Axillary hyperhidrosis (24 year old male)

Excessive axillary hyperhidrosis indeed can pose a difficult clinical situation for those who suffer from it. It gives those affected social, functional and intimacy problems. It doesn't have to be with smell but just the appearance and inconvenience of very wet armpits with even dripping down to the hands can be very difficult to handle. Conservative treatments with strong antiperspirants does not always help and the next line of defense are Botox injections. Those injections can provide temporary relief but with repeated injections the efficiency goes down. The explanation for that is that our bodies are producing a better way to deactivate the active ingredients in the Botox injection. The next possible step, once Botox injections are not effective, is the surgical approach with axillary suction curretage. This operation is also not 100% effective but gives about a 85% success rate with reduction of the sweating. Some surgeons around the globe are offering ETS for isolated primary axillary hyperhidrosis but this opinion is not shared by Dr. Reisfeld. If a patient has associated palmar hyperhidrosis as well as axillary hyperhidrosis then ETS has a place in the treatment of this combined presentation.

hyperhidrosis since i was young

I am 16 now and I have been dealing wit the very embarrassing condition that is hyperhidrosis. im not willing to go to surgical lengths as treatment but I will try these antiperspirants. I have tried certain dri but it literally drys out my armpits making them itchy and painful. what do I do? please help this condition is humiliating

Re: hyperhidrosis since i was young

Axillary hyperhidrosis is another form of focal hyperhidrosis. Obviously the initial treatment are like the one tried ie certain dry or similarly strong antiperspirantsare the right approach but as you mentioned it caused you a lot of irritation. You can try to use Maxim which is a similar antiperspirants but it’s PH is neutral so it could do the job without as much burning or discomfort. If nothing helps and it’s a big problem for you then Mira-Dry is an option or axillary suction curretage which is a surgical approach. Hopefully this advice will help you with your next steps.

sweating armpits started at age 19

Hello, iam 34 years old and i have had a problem with sweating armpits since i was 19. Ive noticed over the years it gets worse. I have always been skinny and my weight now is 95lbs. Do you have any advice for me to help get rid of this problem without surgery due to iam on a budget. Thanks

re: sweating armpits started at age 19

Obviously excessive armpit sweating is an embarrassing condition for anyone, especially women within your age group. For the severe cases the best treatment method is not clear. One should start with topical lotions such as Drysol or Maxim. If those do not help a trial of oral medication such as Dritropan might give you some relief. If all of the above fail then the suction curretage surgical approach may be considered. Another alternative is MiraDry which may require multiple attempts. For more information on the procedure please visit www.sweaty-palms.com.

Side effects

I was wondering since sweating is the bodies natural way to cool down, if it is possible for the body to overheat when I successfully reduce my sweating?
Or if I possibly could start sweating somewhere else on my body if I get my Armpits to stop sweating through removal or destruction of the sweat glands?
Thank you for your time

re: side effects

If you're problem is only excessive armpit sweating then the local procedure of axillary suction currettage is very unlikely to cause compensatory sweating. The procedure that is designed for armpit sweating does not cause any general physiological changes in the body. You are going to sweaty normally in other parts of the body in order to maintain normal thermal regulation.

dark armpit

When i was still a teenager, i had tried using anti-perspirants coz my armpits sweats a lot but my armpits darkened due to the aluminum chloride. Is there any other conservative measures of which i can use which will control my armpit sweating and at the same time whitens my armpit too.

Thank you and More Power.

re: Dark Armpits

Thanks for the comment. Every time a lotion that contains minerals and is applied to body parts can create salts which then connect themselves to tissues and cause discoloration. Even though skin darkening is not very common it can happen because of the aluminum chloride salts. Obviously there is no good solution because all other anti antiperspirants contain some sort of a metallic component. You might try a product by the name of Maxim which has a different PH than Drysol. This may give you less skin darkening.

Can a teenager use the

Can a teenager use the products or is it too strong for someone of that age?

Re: Teenage use of products

If you are suffering from hyperhidrosis and you are looking for treatment you should always start with conservative measures. When you go to the doctor and he gives you a prescription make sure you ask the right questions as to whether or not there is a time limit on those medications or topical lotions. Most of the topical lotions have metallic components to them (aluminum) and a discussion with your doctor is imperative. Age has no specific role in the treatment when trying the above. Common sense will say that using those medications form a younger age might produce some resistance from those items later on in life.


On average, what's the range of price for this (the improved surgical method??

Re: Cost

The cost of the operation depends on the type of unique operation being performed (hands, feet, armpits), if the patient has insurance, and the type of insurance. If the patient has insurance we check each insurance to its own merit. For patients without insurance it will be discussed with the office staff depending on the type of operation. Our office staff takes time to work with each patient carefully to decide what payment option would work best for them. Don't hesitate to contact us with more questions.

Why are you not even giving

Why are you not even giving an estimate on the cost of any of these procedures. You cover it up by telling people that you would have to check this, check that, etc. Just give an estimate. You know how much it has costs your other patients.
Lets say I have no insurance and I want to get the hand surgery. ??
Lets say I have no insurance and want the foot surgery... ??
Lets say I have no insurance and I want to get the underarm surgery..? We are just asking for an estimate. We know you are not giving the exact cost. More people might consider these surgeries a little more if they were given more info without having to call.
I have seen other websites listing the average costs of these surgeries if you people cannot find an answer here.

The Cost

I called twice and all the receptionist did was try to keep getting my phone number & info. She wouldnt tell me anything. At first it was because she was on another line , and then it was because doc was gone for a few weeks. It's obvious her job is to hit me up so you can solicit me! We know its expensive so just give us an estimate already ! I want the armpit surgery very badly, in 2 weeks I will have found another surgeon!

Re: The Cost

With regard to the comments you made on our website. Here are some answers. The secretaries in the office who are not medically trained will get basic contact information from perspective patients. They are not allowed to speak about any medical issues which are instead handled by the surgeon who is a leading expert on the subject. There is no other way about it. When a patient talks to the surgeon about his/her hyperhidrosis problem (sweaty hands, feet or armpits) there are numerous medical details the surgeon is looking for. Whenever a patient calls the basic information is obtained then the surgeon talks with the patient if available at that time or calls them back later. With regards to your comments about the price, if we do not know the exact problem obviously we do not quote prices. Usually we work with insurance carriers if the patient has one. Money is never an indication to do an operation. In regards to your comment about timing, yes the surgeon was away traveling. Also there was a time that there was only one secretary so it was difficult for that one person to handle all the telephone calls. You are more than welcome to call us again and after this basic information is taken the surgeon will be happy to talk with you (310) 557-3037.

Re: Cost

The reason the exact number of dollars is not given is due to a few factors.

1) We always check if the patient has a legitimate insurance that might pay for the procedure.
2) For cash accounts or self pay accounts we would rather talk with the patient on a personal basis and not give an exact price.
3) The different websites that are giving prices are likely run by commercial entities (surgical centers, etc) who want to lure patients based on price. Those entities know about the average range of costs but all they are trying to do is offer a cheaper prices which causes concern for quality.

If you want you can always try calling them to see if they allow you to speak with the actual surgeon vs. a staff member who is not qualified to give you the right answers. Make sure you ask about their professional qualifications. In our case Dr. Reisfeld takes the time to speak with all of his patients before any decision is made.

My 13 years old daughter has this armpit sweating problem

We have already tried drysol and sweat block and recently a deodorant Nothing has worked so far. I really want to help her this is very uncomfortable for her Please Im open to new options

re: daughter with armpit sweating

Armpit sweating within this age group is definitely a problem. It affects these young adults in both a social, psychological and a functional level. Excessive armpit sweating we believe is hereditary and obviously conservative approaches should be tried first. Medically prescribed deodorants and pills might give a partial answer. Botox injections can help on a temporary basis. The drawback with Botox injections is the price and the temporary nature of the solution. Surgically there are two approaches to the problem. The first one is the local surgical suction curettage. With this approach the inner side of the skin is scraped. It has a success rate of about 85%. The other intervention is Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy which Dr. Reisfeld does not recommend for Isolated Armpit Sweating. If the armpit sweating with some excessive palm or hand sweating then strong consideration should be given to the ETS procedure.