A lot of physiological functions in our bodies such as sweating are based on an electric gradient in between the nerves and the end organ (sweat gland). The idea of changing this gradient led to the production of certain machines that change this gradient. The iontophoresis machine or similar electrical devices are changing this gradient with the hope of slowing down excessive sweating. The scientific community does not fully understand exactly how this works however ideas about PH changes, ionic movements, etc are thought to play a role in this.

How do the Iontophoresis machines work:
Basically the machines are plastic pads immersed in small containers filled with tap water. A very low current will run through this water while the hands or the feet are placed within those containers. There are some specifically designed armpit devices that perform in similar fashion. One has to use these machines on a steady basis and it can range to once a day to once a week until effective treatment is achieved. Different levels of electricity is sometimes needed. Tap water can be replaced with anticholinergic solutions to increase the effectiveness of this treatment. There are several companies that produce these iontophoresis machine. Many can be found online.

Effectiveness of Iontophoresis:
Very few patients with severe cases of hyperhidrosis will show a definite cessation of this excessive sweating. Patients do develop resistance to different levels of the electric current. The higher the current is the more painful the treatment will be. There are no long-term clinical studies that show long-term benefits.

As one of the possible alternative methods for the treatment of excessive sweating Iontophoresis devices are worth trying. If results are not seen within two to four weeks other alternative methods should be tried before more advanced treatments such as surgery are contemplated.

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Electro Antiperspirant

I am using Electro Antiperspirant machine and I am absolutely satisfied. Before I tried many products to stop hyperhidrosis but none had a great effect... This is the only real solution in my mind, not operation, botox, herbal medicine...

Re: Electro Antiperspirant

It is my belief that every time a conservative solution is found to any medical problem it is better than any surgical intervention. If you mean the electro antiperspirant machine also sometimes known as "drionic application" for the armpit and it does help you then continue to use it as it gives you satisfactory results.

Electro Antiperspirant

No, no:) I had Drionic before many years. I am using this now. Feelings during the therapy are better and effect is longer (almost 2 months now).

Electro Antiperspirant?


I am trying my hardest to find reviews for this iontophoresis, ones besides the one the site posts, I am interested in purchasing one of these. I've recently been through disappointing results with Drionic, HyperCare, Robinul, and the latest; R.A Fischer MD-2 Digital Galvanic Unit.

Do you still use the electroantiperspirant iontophoresis? If so, are you still achieving results?

I'm very surprised of the lack of reviews, considering their Facebook page has well over 20,000 likes.

RE: Electro Antiperspirant?

A lot of alternative - conservative treatments have been suggested and used over the years by patients who suffer from excessive hand and feet sweating. The success rate of those methods, including iontophoresis devices, have not proven themselves as valuable permanents solutions. Having said that it does not mean that the person should not try them. I always recommend patients who have hyperhidrosis to try one of those conservative measures but again the overall success rate for these different methods is very limited. Those alternative options described are made by commercial entities and obviously their reports are somewhat biased. You can get temporary help with those electrical devices but the long term use will be associated with decreased efficiency and overall success. Also is device is known to be cumbersome and requires repeated treatment sessions. So coupled with limited success it is not the best treatment modality. Below you will find a link to a chapter authored by Dr. Reisfeld with regard to the different alternative methods available for the treatment of hyperhidrosis.

I have severe hyperhidrosis,

I have severe hyperhidrosis, and it has gotten even worse since having children, so my question is, if investing in the Iontophoresis device, and your body's ability to build a resistance to the levels of electrical current, is it really worth the investment? And how long did it take users to reach the maximum level of electrical current before the machine didn't help?

Re: Iontophoresis Device

The Iontophoresis devices are part of the alternative methods available for the treatment of focal hyperhidrosis (hands or feet). It is worth while to try the device but long term success rates are known to be very low. The device is not too expensive. Now a days the Drionic machine is also available on a rental basis for certain amounts of times which can cut the cost. The MD-Fischer Iontophoresis machine can be bought only. The body can develop resistance to certain levels of the electricity which in turn will need increased voltage levels which at certain levels cannot be tolerated. Basically one should try it and see how he/she can tolerate it.