Description:Drysol Treatment
Drysol and similar products are a group of anti-perspirants. These products are probably the most easily prescribed and used initially by people who are looking to for hyperhidrosis treatment.

These products are made of aluminum chloride combinations of various strengths. It requires a certain technique for the application. These products can be applied to the hands, armpits and feet. These aluminum chloride salts come in different levels of concentration. The stronger ones (More than 20%) typically require a doctor’s prescription. The metal salt complex a precipitation in the sweat gland ducts, which are presumed to block the epidermal sweat duct or to promote atrophy and vacuolization of the glandular secretory cells. The damage that could be caused by prolonged use of aluminum chloride lotions is not yet known. Commercially available products such as Maxim can be found and ordered on the internet. These products and similar products are basically aluminum chloride compounds in lesser concentrations.

Effectiveness of Drysol:
Drysol and similar anti perspirant type products can be effective in very mild cases of hyperhidrosis. The severe cases are usually not very responsive to this type of treatment. Their usage is limited because of the chemical reaction and the mild pain associated with each application.

Even though the success rate of this type of treatment is limited it should be tried as a first step. Patients should never jump to more invasive treatment before first trying conservative treatments such as this.

* Always consult with your physician first before making any decisions.

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This bothers me...

Since my freshman year in college i was diagnosed with hyperhydrosis. I sweat heavily on my armpits, face, and lower back. (Basically butt sweat)... I cant go outside for 5 minutes without soaking my shirt, boxers, or face. Put me in a presentation and im a walking aquifer. I havent tried any prescriptions, or anything. Id prefer to just take a pill or roll on a anti perspirant or some kind of possible. Please help!


You should ask your physician to prescribe propanolol and drysol.

re: bothersome sweat


From your description I understand you suffer from somewhat generalized hyperhidrosis and not from local (focal hyperhidrosis) which is the subject of this site. Obviously the operation (ETS/ELS) is not the right answer for you and taking oral medications or antiperspirants (conservative methods - see navigation) of some kind is going to be the best starting approach.

Tried everything

Hi I deal with this embarrassing situation everyday. My armpits, my palms, and my feet sweat so much. I am a girl, i don't wear tight clothes. I wear undershirts. i wear light colored shirts. I have tried drysol, i have used different antiperspirants, I have tried drinking sage tea. I have tried pretty much everything to stop this condition but I was unsuccessful. Is there anything you guys can feel me to try doing to avoid this embarrassing situation? because this is really embarrassing. I can't focus in class when i have sweat dripping down from everywhere. I cant't write anything my paper gets wet. i can't wear any nice clothes, i can't wear any flip-flops, I can't shake hands with anyone, I can't do anything. Please, if you guys can help me, that would be well appreciated.


re: Tried everything

I read your comment and you are representing a typical case of a patient who suffers from hyperhidrosis affecting the hands (palmar), armpits (axillary) and feet (plantar). You are right by starting with conservative measures such as Drysol and I am realizing that no great success was obtained. You should still try other conservative measures such as pills; Robinul or the Iontophoresis Machine. As someone who is very experienced in this topic I do not believe that a great deal of help will be obtained with those measures but it is a way to start. If non of those aforementioned methods are of any help then consideration should be given to the surgical approach. For more information you can always call us at 310.557-3037.

sweaty hands and feets

Hi. please. I do need some help. Will drysol lessen the sweating hands? I am in the philippines and i cant afford having botox every 4 months. It will cost a lot.and i dont know if ETS is available here. I haven't tried drysol yet.but my doctor gave me a liquid that contains aluminum or the like yet after applying.my hands got even worse.and its sticky;(

re: sweaty hands and feet


With regard to you question, it is known that none of the conservative measures can help in cases of severe palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis. Having said that, you should still try some of these conservative measures available (Drysol, prescriptions, drionic, etc). Botox is not recommended because of the minimal impact, limited success, price and associated pain. I'm sure that with the right search you can find someone in the Philippines that could help you with the surgical solution.

Chest and back sweating after symathectomy

Hi, I had symathectomy done on both sides about 10 years ago, but since then I've had really excessive sweating from my chest and back. Underarms are managable, and hands are bone dry, but I still can't wear normal shirts as I literally drip with sweat at the slightest hint of warmth, or exercise. I'm on glycopyrronium and propantheline bromide but these have a limited effect, and aluminium-based anti-perspirants don't touch it. Any ideas?

Re: Chest and back sweating after symathectomy

Sorry to hear about this excessive sweating that is a result of the ETS procedure you had in the past. My question to you is where was the operation done and at what level of the sympathectomy? The medications you mentioned are the most used now and I know the results do vary quite a bit. The levels of compensatory sweating might also change over time. I have seen this with some patients. You can reply here or you are welcome to call my office (310) 557-3037.

Surgery etc.

Thanks for your prompt reply. I believe I had T3-T4 on both sides, for axillary sweating. It was carried out in the UK at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, as I split my time between the UK and US. The axillary sweating has returned, but at a managable level, but chest and back are more of a problem than I had to start with now. It's a case of "one step forward, two steps back" I'm afraid. Are there other drugs that have been shown to work, as I've been on these for many years now and I'm keen to try anything that might improve the situation.

re: Surgery etc

The best way I can help you over the phone at (310) 557-3037. That being said I will try to answer here. Basically speaking what you are describing is compensatory sweating which is a side effect which every patient who undergoes ETS will develop to some extent. I myself do not recommend ETS for isolated axillary hyperhidrosis. Beyond the drugs that are available on the market (which you tried), at present, I do not have any better solutions that I can recommend.

my sweating is embarrassing

Hi, im Deandre now 25 and has been dealing with excess sweating for my entire life. Now that I made a location change to Texas I sweat even more :( I can completely wet an entire shirt within a matter of 10-15 minutes just from my sweating. Im looking for a treatment that will help me so that I can gain better confidence about myself.


I am also facing severe hyperhidrosis with same symptoms to you. I feel very embarrassment at university.

Re: Hyperhidrosis

Without knowing more details about your condition it is very difficult for me to give you specific answers. Where is the sweating (feet, hands, etc), how severe, how long, etc. Thank you.

Re: my sweating is embarrassing

Hi Deandre,

Without knowing the exact site of your excessive sweating it is difficult for an answer to be given. You have to tell us whether it is palmar (hands), plantar (feet), or axillary (armpits) sweating. This site has good information on each of those specific types of sweating in the left navigation. You are also welcome to call us at (310) 557-3037, thanks.

Heavy hand and feet sweating

hello sir ..
i am 22 year old suffering from palm and feet sweating since childhood .i am also counselled doc but they suggested to me for surgical treatment but i want to stay away to this treatment. plz suggest to me what i have to do .

Heavy hand and feet sweating

Hello. I have been expirencing heavy sweating in my hands and feet since I was very young. I am not sure were to start when treating it. I would like to wear sandals this summer and not worry if my clothes will show sweat for my hands. I would really like to find a treatment to help me, it is very Embrassing and I would like if it could be reversed and I would swear like a normal person. My mom says I will grow out of it but I don't think that will happen. My family also has a history of bad thyriods so could that be related? And I also have a metal clamp in my heart so I prefer to stay away from the electric approach.

Sweaty hands and feet

I too have had heavy hand and feet sweating since early childhood. I often carried three face towels with me at all times two in my purse and one in my hand for instant use. I am now in my late fifties. Ten years ago I began using Ditropan. I read about it in a forum on line. It works well. For the first five years I was completely dry. Now and then I have
Light break throughs. Nothing like before. I saw results after about the fourth day of taking Ditropan. It will give you dry mouth but water and gum will help with that, once your body gets used to the meds that not longer happens. You might have to play with the dosage until you get it right. I started out using 5 mg a day and it only worked for about seven hours, then I went to 5 mg in the mornings and 5 at night. This does it for me . Dry a last.

8 year old daughter's hyperhydrosis

Hi. My daughter recently turned eight years old and was diagnosed last year with hyperhydrosis. We (her family) did not know what it was for years and it is such a relief to finally have this answer. The condition really affected her in school and still continues to do so as it makes it difficult to hold her pencil and prevent messy and torn pages. However, one thing I have not seen mentioned which she also has are extremely dry palms and soles. It gets so bad sometimes that they crack and bleed, and she sometimes has difficulty walking because of the pain. I honestly can't recall what the dermatologist had said about her dry skin, as he had decided to focus on the hyperhydrosis initially (i.e. both conditions could not be treated at the same time). It is so expensive to take her to the dermatologist as needed, and so I decided to do a little research of my own. I am just making a not of my findings as preparation for her return to the doctor. I was very happy to have found this site and wish relief for all persons affected (family and patient). Please let me know if you have any information that can help. I am from Jamaica.

RE: 8 year old daughter's hyperhidrosis

Thank you for your message. Your description is somewhat confusing to us because you are saying she has hyperhidrosis but at the same time you are saying her hands are very dry. Could you please explain more about her presentation, wet or dry? Without knowing those details, we cannot give you an appropriate answer. You are more than welcome to call or contact us. (310) 557-3037

Hyperhydrosis with dry skin

I was so happy to see a response from you. However, I do not know how much more I can explain. Her palms and hands just sweat a great deal. What I have also observed (and pointed out by her dermatologist) is that her palms have numerous lines, more so than the average person. When her skin is dry it is very rough and tends to crack at the tip of her fingers and toes (and sometimes bleed). I have tried using pure shea butter which provided relief for a while, but have now turned to using an emulsifying ointment (often recommended as a soap substitute for eczema and other sensitive skin conditions) which appears to be offering some relief (her skin is now smoother but a bit 'stiff'). I thought that maybe the dryness resulted from her losing so much moisture because of the hyperhydrosis, but the doctor did not mention that to me. As for presentation when her skin is wet, I have noticed that it is not consistently so all day everyday. I will start documenting those occasions from now on to see if there is a pattern. In any case, it has been noticed by persons at school also. Hope this provided useful details. I will give you a call shortly from now. Thanks much.

Re: Hyperhidrosis with dry skin

Sweaty hands due to palmar hyperhidrosis is not a steady all day long type phenomena. Patients who are having this problem seeing fluctuation throughout the day and in the amount and the level of their sweat. It can range from just moisture to dripping sweat. In between those fluctuations the skin can be very dry and even produce some cracking and this is due to the evaporation of the sweat. As a result patients can have the findings that you are mentioning. Also hyperhidrosis can show itself with more constant wet hands throughout the day. For those patients, if they do not wipe their hands with a towel or a paper towel on a constant basis, will have signs of maceration. Interestingly enough this term of maceration is used by the insurance companies as a reason not to authorize the operation because many patients or doctors do not mention maceration in their clinical notes. My answer to those insurance company personnel, doctors or otherwise, is that those patients constantly wipe their hands in paper towels or towels in order to prevent maceration. With regards to your daughter, I believe that the full picture of hyperhidrosis will develop as the years go by. In the mean time the support you are giving her is best way to deal with it at present. I do not perform this operation before children reach the age of 13-14 with physiological and mental maturity.

13 year old daughter

This post describes my 13yo daughter very well. She has had hyperhidrosis of palms and feet since she was a little girl. It has always bothered her (kids would comment when they had to hold her hands at school, piano teacher would comment in front of the group class when she would leave drips on the keyboard, in dance class her tights are wet up to her ankles) but she is even more conscious now that she is a teenager. Paper and notebooks get damp, ink smears and paper curls. Yet, like the lady mentioned in the above post, when her hands and feet are not sweating they are actually quite dry. 6 months ago we tried drysol on her feet and they reacted....swollen rashy patches for days...burned and painful. Thankfully she barely sweats in her underarms as she reacts to every anti-perspirant she tries. The only thing she can use for her underarms is "Toms of Maine" deodorant. We went to our family doctor 1 month ago to discuss if there were any options and she said there is no treatment for it except BOTOX, but didn't recommend that as it can be painful and have to repeat treatments. We were very disheartened when we left the Dr's office. Ideally what age do you prefer to wait to treat them? What city are you located in?

re: 13 year old daughter

What you are describing in your post is a very typical situation when a young adult is affected with excessive sweating of the hands and feet. I hear so often about the difficulties that it poses on those patients, both on a social and functional level. Obviously the easiest way will be to try some "miracle" lotion or pill or any other advice you can find on the internet. Unfortunately most if not all of those recommendations are not of any real long term help. At present the only known solution for hyperhidrosis is the thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) which will help with excessive hands and armpit sweating and much less with feet sweating. 13 years of age, provided the patient is mature both mentally and physically, is appropriate to talk with an experienced surgeon about ETS. You are more than welcome to call us at 310.557.3037, thanks.

I will try

That's awesome I will try to get that and hopefully it works

Re: Sweaty hands and feet

Thank you for sharing. As long as you get relief from the medication and you don’t have overwhelming side effects then this medication may be right for you. As always consult with your physician on a routine basis.

sweating under arm

Hi my name is Ann, I normally have armpit sweat when I feel hot due the weather. Last time I had but suddenly recovered without having to use any medicine. But now the excessive armpit sweating came again which I feel uncomfortable with. I tried home remedies but still have the sweating. Any advise for medicine which I can buy in pharmacy?

Armpit Sweating

Hi Ann,

What you describe is typical sweating in the armpit area. At times people get it excessively and it comes on a daily basis. If over the counter antiperspirants do not give you any relief then there are aluminum chloride lotions that might help you. You can try Maxim, which can be ordered online or Drysol which requires a doctors prescription. The difference between the two products is that the concentration of aluminum chloride within Maxim is somewhat less than the one in Drysol and also its less irritating due to the fact that the PH of Maxim is neutral compared to the somewhat acidic PH of Drysol.

Please help!!

I am only 13 years of age and my excessive sweating is really bad. Every day is a struggle. Even if I don't do any physical activity or I am not anxious for anything I would get massive pit stains. I have tried several deodorants, nothing worked. My parents say it’s just puberty but it’s not normal like everyone else. They refuse to do anything because they think talking to a doctor about it is stupid. I am in a very embarrassing situation, and I would like to find a well working cure before I enter high school.

re: Please help!!

Thanks for the question. Excessive armpit sweating can affect young people at your age as well. It is not limited to more adult people at all. As a matter of fact early presentation of severe axillary hyperhidrosis is testimony to what might continue later on in your life. The strong deodorants such as Drysol and Maxim can help but their usage is limited to the level of tolerance that the patient has against their strong ingredients. In cases where the conservative measures are not helping one should give consideration to the surgical solution such as sub-dermal laser ablation and axillary suction curettage. Dr. Reisfeld does not recommend patients do the ETS procedure if their excessive sweating problem is limited to only the armpits. You should talk with your parents and a doctor about it and do not be ashamed to discuss this condition.